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Is Your Business Fit and In Compliance?

As you know it is very important to keep your body, mind and spirit visibly fit™ to help you fulfill your individual purpose. If you are an entrepreneur it is important to make sure your business is fit and in compliance as well. The most successful entrepreneurs are fit in both areas, are you?

Here are some of the most important questions you need to ask yourself about how fit and in compliance your business is:

  • Do you have the best entity for your business (Hint: a sole proprietorship is the worst-yet most common-choice).
  • If you formed an entity did you follow the steps after formation to make sure your entity is in compliance?
  • Why do you get different opinions from your professionals and how to determine which approach is really best for you?
  • How do you lower your chances of an IRS audit?
  • How do you maximize your business deductions (with the IRS’s blessings)?
  • Is your business category a target by the IRS?
  • Are you really operating as a business or merely a hobby (do you know the IRS tests)?
  • Is your business in a position to get business credit and financing (if not, what can you do differently now)?
  • Are you books up to date according to IRS standards?
  • Have you protected your business from your other safe assets?

Register for the free 30-minute business fit and in compliance consultation and you will discover some simple solutions to help your business become fit!

Plus we will ship you our BRAND NEW CD, Incorporate with Confidence and Keep the IRS Off Your Back (FREE-no shipping).

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